5 simple ways to unwind after a busy or stressful day

5 simple ways to unwind aftera stressful day

Let’s face it, as much as we would love every day to be cruisey, stress free and smooth sailing…. that usually isn’t the case. Life moves at a rapid pace, we all seem to be living with what has become a constant and normalised level of daily stress (even if you aren’t always aware you are stressed, it is often at a subconscious level). I have found it so important for my state of mind and emotional and mental wellbeing to try to find a small amount of time when I feel things are really getting too hectic, stressed or out of control, to just unwind, recalibrate and de-stress!

I wanted to share a few of my favourite things to do to bring some calm back into my day. These are simple little things that I can do even in the shortest amount of time. Some days I am lucky enough to have an hour to be able to spend on myself and other days I am lucky if I can grab 10 minutes of alone and quite time. We are all doing the best we can in whatever roles we are playing (and we are usually juggling multiple roles at once)… whether that is mum life, business/work life, in our relationships and at home. It is absolutely ok to feel overwhelmed and stressed out, in fact, acknowledging it is super important and allows us to reevaluate our situation and make some valuable time to prioritise our own health, wellbeing and happiness. Next time you feel like it’s you against the world, or you know you are letting a stressful situation get the better of you, I want you to prioritise yourself by scheduling in a small amount of time to do one of the following:

  1. {Sit. Reflect. Relax. Breathe} Find 10 minutes to just sit somewhere quiet, nice and relaxing. You want to bring some peace and calm back into your day by just sitting down comfortably. This does not have to be a meditation, this can be as simple as just a few big, deep, belly breaths slowly in and out, ensuring to fill  your lungs up and to exhale all of the air out. This will help slow your heart rate, calm your mind and body and even detoxify your body by getting rid of any stale air in your lungs and eliminate harmful toxins. When we are stressed, we take short, shallow and rapid breaths and our lungs don’t fully expand and our body produces adrenaline and cortisol. By concentrating on taking deep, full and slow breaths, your body will respond in a positive way and  you will feel the benefits of your blood pressure lowering, your heart rate dropping and your muscles and mind relaxing! You can even make yourself a nice cup of herbal tea (I like Peppermint to calm me down) and just sit quietly sipping it while working on your breathing! Try it… this one won’t take much time out of your day at all but the effects are immediate and you will feel less stressed.


2. {Lace up your shoes and head outside} Even if you don’t feel like it or you are not feeling motivated, I strongly suggest just putting on your sneakers, lacing them up and walking outside. There is something about being outdoors, soaking up some vitamin D and smelling the fresh air that just makes us feel better. Once you are outside, just head off on a little stroll, again concentrating on your breathing. This can be as short or as long as you like or you feel you need. A longer walk will obviously increase your heart rate and hopefully release those endorphins, but the benefits of even a short walk are huge, especially mentally! So, make it easy for yourself by keeping your walking shoes handy and don’t let excuses sneak in – excuses are a form of self sabotage and we want to eliminate that from our lives to enjoy a less stressed daily life.

walk outdoors











3. {Magnesium Bath} Soaking in a magnesium bath will help relieve muscle aches and tension and also relax your body and mind. Magnesium helps our bodies by relaxing certain receptors in our brain and nervous system. It can also aid neurological and physiological processes when the body is under stress and pressure and help alleviate headaches. You can apply magnesium oil directly to different areas of your body, however I love to add mine to a warm bath and just relax and let the oil soak straight into my body. I find this a great part of my post workout recovery or even if I just find I have a spare 30 minutes at night once the kids are in bed to unwind from the day that was! I use an amazing South Australian Magnesium, MgLIFE, which is made from organically sourced magnesium chloride and you can get your magnesium here and try it for yourself.

magnesium bath

4. {Self Massage} Relieve those knots and muscular tensions by giving yourself a little hand, neck, scalp or foot massage. We hold a lot of tension in our feet and hands so give them some love and massage your stress away. You can use some coconut oil or your favourite lotion and just knead the muscles, starting gently and apply desired pressure to loosen the tension. If you have a small massage ball, tennis ball or golf ball you can use this as a foot massager, just stand on it and roll your foot over it applying as much pressure as you can handle.

5. {Music on and belt out your fave tunes} It is amazing how much your mood can change when you hear songs you love. It can be any type of music, depending on what you feel will lift your mood… from loud dance songs that you can boogie around the house to, to power ballads that you can sing at the top of your lungs, through to some chill out beats to just relax and escape! I would prefer to listen to music all day long than put the TV on (I’m not a big TV person at all) and music always lifts my mood and if the kids are cranky or being a bit whingey, I will often put the music dock on and tell them to choose a song each and we just sing and dance with it up loud and it usually works a treat to change their mood and settle the situation.


Find a little routine, ritual or activity that works for you and try to use it as much as you can when you feel you need to. Looking after your mental health and state of mind is so important to your overall health and wellbeing! I would love to hear some of the other things that you do that help you unwind after a stressful day? I am always looking to include some new ideas into my day so let me know what you find relaxing.

Kel xx



You are worth it

Lately, I have let my blogging slide due to my business being busier. However, that hasn’t been sitting well with me and I have been wanting to get back to blogging again. At the end of the day, I love connecting with people and talking about all things health, fitness, family, business and lifestyle.

So I thought my first post back should be to reiterate what is the sole purpose and driving force of my business, FitM.U.M (My Ultimate Motivation), and that is to help you prioritise your own health, fitness and happiness! This is my ‘Why’ and it motivates and inspires me every day.

My number one message for you today is:

Learn to put yourself first. Learn to value your health and fitness…..Whatever it takes, you are totally worth it. Stop feeling guilty, stop self sabotaging, stop comparing yourself to others and definitely stop making excuses!

Instead, make sure you try and do the following things every day:
✔️Eat wholesome food that nourishes and fuels your body
✔️Move your body, have fun and enjoy being active
✔️Treat your body and mind with love and respect…. if you don’t love or respect yourself, how can you expect other people to?


I am so happy to be back blogging and reconnecting with YOU! I have set big goals and have promised big things in 2017 and I am determined to make them happen and I hope to continue to help you on your own fitness journey!

Kel xx


Stop Comparing, Start Enjoying… A body image lesson from my 7 year old daughter

My message… Stop comparing, start enjoying! Stop wishing, start doing! Stop waiting, start living!


After watching this Dove Beauty Legacy Campaign on Social Media last week, it really got me thinking and questioning myself.

A few days later my 7 year old, Lily and I were in my bathroom and she was looking at herself in the mirror. “What do you like when you look in the mirror?” I asked her. She smiled and replied straight away, listing off “my eyes, my curly hair, my smile”. It made me feel really happy. “What other things do you love about yourself? I was intrigued… Again without hesitation she said “I’m funny, I’m kind, I’m clever and I’m good at art and designing”.

As much as I hate to admit it, Lily has definitely heard me say negative things about myself BUT she still sees only positives in herself (and in me)…. for now! I am so grateful that she hasn’t picked up on any negative self image beliefs yet but I realised that I need to stop with the comparing, wishing and wanting because she is approaching such a tender and impressionable age that I would never forgive myself if she began to be unhappy with anything about herself. She is perfect and that’s the way I want her to continue seeing herself. Do you know, not that long ago I would have struggled to come up with one positive answer about myself if asked the same questions I asked Lily?! Thankfully this is something I have been able to turn around and I work hard on always finding positives and being happy and content with who I am and what I have.

In all the time you spend comparing yourself to others and wishing for something more; life is passing you by anyway so why not enjoy it! Don’t pass your body image issues onto your daughter. We need them to grow up as strong women with high self worth. It has only just been recently that I have really understood the importance of this and every single day I strive to live more happily. And I must say it’s working. I got tired of waiting for the next thing or wishing for something newer, bigger, better and I was missing the fact that I already had it. I just wasn’t enjoying it! No one wants to be a negative role model for their children but we can inadvertently fall into the trap and social media does play a big part in this and it is why I am so passionate about living a healthy, happy and active life and being the best role model I can be for my girls.

Something that I have been working on and reminding myself daily is that I am living my life, not somebody else’s. I am affecting the people close to me and I am so determined to make it a positive impact rather than a negative one.

The truth may hurt and may not always be what we want to hear, but it is still the truth. You are still YOU! You can work to change things but do it on your terms to be a better you, not to become someone else, who in all honestly is thinking and feeling exactly the same way you are anyway ~ they are just trying to be like someone else!


Look in a mirror daily and be like my awesome 7 year old Daughter and tell yourself what you actually like about yourself. It may be hard to start with but you will get better at it and you will definitely get a sense of happiness and we all know positive energy promotes positive energy. It is so easy to get caught in a downward spiral but do yourself a favour and change the direction of your spiral! I am happier with myself now in my 30’s than I have ever been and guess what?…. I do have a slightly saggy belly (it is my reminder that I carried my 2 precious babies), I do have crows feet and wrinkles around my eyes (my reminder that I always find something to smile and laugh about), I have freckles (so what!)… I am fit, healthy and confident and that’s good enough for me!


So, Lily and I want to ask you “What do you love about yourself?”

what do you love blog post